Pubs in San Sebastian


Local people in San Sebastian go from pintxo bars in the daytime to great pubs at night. There are lots of them in each neighbourhood, each with their own atmosphere and style.

ALBOKA – Easo, 37
It is a tranquil pub with relaxing atmosphere and good music. It is open nearly all hours, from after lunch for a coffee to drinks after dinner.

EL MURO – Paseo Jose Miguel Barandiaran, 26
This is a very popular pub, especially during the summer months, thanks to the fabulous terrace, the good quality drinks they serve and the excellent atmosphere. It is situated in Sagües, at the end of Zurriola Beach.

LA GINTONERIA – Zabaleta, 6
In spite of not having been opened for long, this bar has managed to become very popular thanks to its wonderful cocktails and great atmosphere. The gin and tonics are of course a must, but if you're into something different, don't worry, you'll find all sorts of drinks.

ONDARRA – Avda. De la Zurriola, 16
This is a very popular place for all sorts of people, young and mature, locals and foreigners. It offers not just a bar open from early in the morning for coffees but also a disco bar underneath and a fabulous terrace.