Live music

San Sebastian, bars with live music


If after a few drinks you fancy some music you'll find that there are several bars offering all styles music.

BE BOP – Paseo de Salamanca, 3
This pub enjoys a lively atmosphere and it is situated next to the Old Town. It plays all sorts of music; funk, jazz, electronic music and sometimes, even live music. It is open up to the early hours in the morning, above all at the weekend.

ALTXERRI – Reina Regente, 2
This is a truly special pub located under the art gallery of the same name. It offers many live performances of talented jazz musicians.

ETXEKALTE – Mari, 11
It is situated opposite the harbour and offers mainly jazz.

DABADABA – Mundaiz, 8
It is situated in the Eguia neighbourhood, just by the Tabacalera building. It is very popular and enjoys great atmosphere and the very latest in music groups.