Surfing in San Sebastian

Surfing in San Sebastian



San Sebastian presents the perfect features for surfing. Zurriola Beach, European reference for this sport, offers locals and foreigners the ideal practice area for all those who want to slide over the waves. In fact, surfing is one of the most popular sports in San Sebastian and local people are truly passionate about it. 

Zurriola Beach

Zurriola is one of the best beaches for surfing. It is a city beach of nearly 1 km long located between the Urumea river mouth and Punta Monpás (Sagües). It has beautiful golden sand and some of the heaviest swell in the whole of the Cantabrian Sea. The waves break both to the right and to the left, and in good conditions it is possible to get some tubes.

It is a versatile beach as it offers great variety; from the powerful left next to the Sagües wall, where the most experience local surfers are found, to the river’s breakwater where the beginners and intermediate level surfers practice.

As it is a beach completely open to the sea it gets waves every day of the year. Nevertheless, it is recommended to get the advice of the coastal guards or local experienced surfers if you are new to the beach, as some currents here can be truly dangerous some days.

Ondarreta and La Concha beaches

When the sea is really rough, it is also possible to practice surf on the beaches at the Bay, La Concha and Ondarreta. Some interesting waves appear on those days of heavy swell, such as the “Pico del Tenis” wave, next to the wall under the Igueldo Mountain or those in La Concha, by the Club Nautico.

All through the year, several surf championships, both at national and international level, are celebrated in San Sebastian. 

Other good beaches for surfing near San Sebastian are Zarauz, Anglet, Bidart or Guetary.

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