Rural sports

Deportes rurales san sebastian


In the Basque Country, there are still several rural sports being practised nowadays, not only during traditional celebrations but at competition level too.

Without taking into account those already mentioned, Rowing Boats Race and Basque Pelota, the most popular ones are:

HARRIJASOTZE or Stone lifting: Two athletes compete with each other to demonstrate which one can lift more times stones of various weights and shapes.

AIZKORA or Trunk chopping: There are competitions with just 2 competitors or those with several participants chopping all at the same time. The objective is to cut as fast as possible one or various trunks placed horizontally.

TXINGAS – Consists of carrying two weights of about 50kg each in both hands, as further as possible. There is no limit in time.

SEGALARI – It is a competition of people cutting grass. It is not very popular in San Sebastian but in many villages near-by.