Rowing Boats Race

Regatas de Traineras de san sebastian


It takes place during the summer months, the number one sport for people in San Sebastian. It is a traditional sport whose origin comes from the rivalry between fishermen trying to get first to the harbour. Whoever came first had better possibilities of doing a good sale.


It is very popular along all the Cantabrian Sea and the “Bandera de La Concha” (name of the regatta in which the trophy is represented by a flag) is without doubt the most important regatta of them all. The competition itself started in 1879 and nowadays is part of the San Miguel League. The regatta takes place during the first two weekends in September and it is quite a show.


Both weekends San Sebastian gets full with people from other towns along the coast coming to support their rowing boat. There is a lively atmosphere all over the city but above all around the Old Town.