Getting around

como desplazarse


By bus:

Getting from one neighbourhood to another is very easy thanks to a wide public bus network. We recommend you checking the public transport company webpage,

Connection between towns and villages is also very easy thanks to the buses from Lurraldebus and the local trains from Euskotren.

There is a travel pass on sale (5€) at tobacconists and newsagents, which you will be able to recharge so that all journeys on local and regional buses and trains will be cheaper. It is called Tarjeta Anonima Mugi.


By taxi:

If you need to call a taxi:

943 464646 or 943 404040


By bike:

There is a complete bicycle lane network all around the city. It is known as “Bidegorri”, which in Basque means “red path”, referring to the colour in which it is painted. It offers over 30 km of bicycle lanes so going around the city is very easy.
You can check the bicycle network in this map.
During the summer months it is also possible to join a guided tour on a bike. Give us a ring and we will sort the reservation for you.

Hiring a bike:

Give us a ring a we will arrange the reservation for you.