Traditional pintxos

Pintxos de toda la vida


All pintxos, classic as well as new, can be divided into two catagories: cold and hot. Let's see which are the most traditional and highly recommended:

Cold pintxos:

  • The Gilda. This is the queen of all pintxos: an olive, an anchovy and a green chilli pepper on a toothpick. Some even add to these basic ingredients a piece of tuna and then give it a touch of love by they making sure that it is well soaked in top quality olive oil before it is served.
  • Russian salad
  • Stuffed boiled egg
  • Fish pudding
  • King prawn, cooked sparragus and an olive
  • Crab meat and mayonnaise
  • Tuna and mayonnaise stuffed red pepper
  • Smoked salmon
  • Salted anchovies with finely chopped boiled egg


Hot pintxos:

  • Various types of omelettes (potato, cured ham, chorizo, crab meat, cod, peppers and garlic)
  • Various types of croquettes (cured ham, chicken, cheese, mushrooms, cod)
  • Cooked chorizo
  • Cooked blackpudding
  • King prawn in batter
  • Hake in batter
  • Stuffed mussel
  • Garlic mushroom