traditional sweets from the Basque Country


Petit fours and rolled wafers from Tolosa are sweets invented by the famous Eceiza cake shop located in this town. They were made famous by some Basque grills and cider houses, although nowadays it is possible to enjoy them not only in a lot of restaurants and cafeterias but also buy them in some shops and supermarkets.

Pantxineta is a typical dessert prepared with puff pastry filled with cream, and covered on the top with finely chopped almonds. It can be served warmed in restaurants.

Basque Cake is a dough made with flour, lard and eggs and then filled with cream or fruit jam, typically apricot.

Goxua, is one of the most traditional desserts in the Basque Country. It is prepared with cream, sponge cake, cream custard and liquid caramel. It is normally served in single bowls like rice pudding.