Other typical produce

typical gastronomy in the Basque Country


Cow chop, it is one of the most appreciated delicacies in Guipuzcoa. It is very typically cooked on the grill both during the cider season in the winter as well as during the summer season. The quality of the embers used to roast the chop is as important as the quailty of the meat. The material used for these ember could be derived from vegetables, coal, or vine shoots.

Fish and seafood, like anchovies, red bream, tuna, hake, cod, sardines, monkfish, grouper, turbot, lobster, crab, squid and many more.

Txistorra, a kind of spicy sausage prepared with fresh pork meat, garlic, salt and paprika is very typical in the Basque Country. It can be eaten fried, grilled or also cooked in cider. It is thinner and longer than the average “chorizo” and it is normally cured for a vey short period. An old tradition in San Sebastian is to enjoy a “talo de txistorra”, a kind of crêpe filled with txistorra, during the celebration of Saint Tomas on December 21st. Make sure you don't miss it!

Mushrooms, Basque people have always been very keen on picking, cooking, and eating all types of mushrooms. In the last few years however, this hobby has become so popular that the local government has put a limit on the amount of kilos allowed to be picked. It is possible to find every year a great deal of them thanks to our climate and the topography.