New cuisine in miniature

los pintxos de vanguardia


Innovative pintxos are making this city into an internationally known gastronomic heaven. They are the focus of several competitions, both among the bars in different neighbourhoods within the city as well as our city representing Basque cuisine at a national level.

These pintxos can be cold, hot, prepared with meat, fish, vegetables, seafood, etc.
As it is authentic new cuisine in miniature, most chefs feel very motivated to present all sorts of flavours, tastes, colours, and textures... The ingredients, the mixtures and the presentations are endless.


Some of our recommendations include pintxos which have been prepared with excellent quality basic and traditional ingredients incluing:

Veal cheeks
Baby squid
King prawns
Cooked black pudding
Wild mushrooms

And of course, any kind of fish, seafood or meat cooked in any imaginable way.

Don't miss any of them!!!