A bit of history

OrĂ­genes del pintxo



According to the Spanish dictionary, “pincho” is a stinger, prick, or some sort of thorn. It is precisely this feature which gave origin to what we know as the gastronomic wonder of the “pincho” or “pintxo”.

Apparently, everything started in San Sebastian as a consequence to the “poteo” (the action of going from bar to bar drinking a small glass of wine) by a group of men. It seems that a bar owner, wanting to thank his clients, gave them a little snack: using a toothpick, he put together an olive, an anchovy and a green chilli pepper. “Gilda” was born.

From that day, the idea and recipes for pintxos have changed a lot: the traditional bites are served on a slice of a slice of bread and on top could have pepper stuffed with tuna, a bit of Russian salad, or half of a boiled egg with mayonnaise and a king prawn. Later, a more sophisticated version was offerrred: a small savory tart, a piece of local chorizo wrapped with puff pastry, a slice of fish pudding. Finally, nowadays, “pintxos” have become a real gastronomic treat in miniature. Any ingredient and any mixture can be used; the more original and the more creativity the better.

San Sebastian is known worldwide for having more Michelin stars than anywhere else in the world, but also for being paradise for the best miniature cuisine ever establsihed. So, for all those who cannot afford visiting a three Michelin Starred restaurant, we recommend visiting any of the delicious pintxo bars located all around the different neighbourhoods to give the Michelin chefs a run for their money.

Enjoy your pintxos!!!