Three essential plans

Three essential plans in San Sebastian


Whether you come on winter holiday, summer break with friends, or with family, there are three essential landmarks for you to visit in San Sebastian. Hopefully, between your travels to these sites, you stumble across other spots in the city that help you discover all we ahve to offer you on your trip:

La Concha and Peine del Viento (The Comb of the Wind): The promenade along La Concha Beach is unique, elegant, and delicate. Each step we take, from the“Nautical Club” to the “Comb of the Wind” takes us on a walk alongside stunnign views, tourists, and locals alike. The railing is a landmark in itself, stretching along the walk and providing quite the photo-op. Kids love to take a look through its portholes on it so they can see the waves as they crash along the seashore. The railign is so dear to the city that you can buy a panel as a memento for about 700 Euros.

But, you will find that La Concha Bay is unforgettable not only because of its railing or the breathtaking view you will enjoy from it's final destination, but also the points along the way. There are three special spots along it: the already mentioned “Nautical Club”, originally designed as a ship tied up at the harbour; the Palacio de Miramar, surrounded by beautiful gardens on top of the “Pico del Loro” (check details in the section “Monuments in San Sebastian”), and the Peine del Viento (Comb of the Wind), an astonishing group of three sculptures by the famous sculptor, Eduardo Chillida.

The Peine del Viento is the most well-known sculpture in San Sebastian and its location, the square at the end of the Eduardo Chillida’s walk, is a symbolic place worth a visit at any time of the year. Nevertheless, we would recommend you to visit this area on a day when the sea is rough, as it is truly impressive. 


The Monte Igueldo: The Igueldo Mountain is much more than just an amusement park. It is a magical place for astonishing views, for rides which seem fit to have come out of an old time's children's story, and for the mysterious tower at the very top. Even going up in the hundred-year-old funicular is a real pleasure for everyone. It runs nearly every day, except on Wednesdays in the winter. (Check here the timetable: Monte Igueldo)

Of course, it is better to visit the Monte Igueldo during the summer months when the weather is better and most of the rides are open daily. During the winter months, only at the weekend it is possible to find people around and a bit of fun, although the views are just as beautiful.

Among the recommended rides we have the “Montaña Suiza” (Swiss Mountain – an out-of-this-world roller-coaster), which is a must, the "Río Misterioso" (Mysterious River), the "Gran Laberinto" (Great Labyrinth), and "el Cosmicar" (a ride going deep into the Universe). For the very little ones, the best is a ride on a pony or in a little carriage.

Before going down in the funicular again, don’t forget to visit the tower. It's consturction and pruposes are deeply intertwined the history of the Monte Igueldo and you will enjoy one of the best views of San Sebastian.

The Monte Urgull: This is one of the three formations which form the Bay of La Concha: Igueldo, Urgull and the Santa Clara Island. If the Igueldo Mountain represents our history of leisure and fun, Urgull commemorates historic battles against the various invaders that arrived in San Sebastian over the centuries. This is why you will be able to explore several defence buildings and military elements all around this Mountain.

Nowadays, it is a very large natural park with lots of big leafy trees. It is a pleasure to go for a delightful walk and enjoy the views over the harbour and the Bay, to one side, or over the cliffs, to the other side. We can also visit the "Castillo de la Santa Cruz de La Mota," where there is regularly an exhibition on the history of San Sebastian, or the cannon battery known as "Ladies' Battery," the cemetery of the English soldiers and the Chapel of Sagrado Corazón, with a huge sculpture on the top.