The Cantabrian Pearl

La Perla del Cantabrico


This city has had different names throughout its history, including Bella Easo, Hirutxulo, and even the Cantabrian Pearl. It has only been officially named Donostia-San Sebastian since August of 2012. Each of these names has a story behind it, but, we must admit that the most appropriate name is the Cantabrian Pearl. These are what makes this city as special as a valuable jewel.


1) The Bay of La Concha with Santa Clara Island – While the view is breathtaking from the shoreline, if we really want to appreciate the bay in all of its splendour we should look at it from the lookout at Monte Igueldo. This is a view very difficult to match, with the Island in the centre surrounded by mountains; the scenery will amaze us whatever the weather, every day of the year, any time of day (Check “Three Essential Plans”).


2) The Perfect Balance between Tradition and Modernity – In San Sebastian, we find the perfect balance. On one hand, our city boasts architectural, sculptural and pictorial heritage from the past. On the other, modern times are represented by buildings such as Kursaal, or sculptures like the Comb of the Wind. San Sebastian is timeless, like a pearl, and is an ideal example of a city where culture is found around every corner (Check “Monuments in San Sebastian”).


3) An Endless Supply of Activities – From the month of January, with the big celebration of the Tamborrada, to December, with the race of San Silvestre, San Sebastian offers lots of activities for everyone. It is nearly impossible to get to San Sebastian and not find a full schedule of performances or cultural, sports or gastronomic activities (Check “Cultural Festivals” and “Main City Festivals").


4) Gastronomy – It is truly a religion here. It is not coincidental that our region is where more Michelin Stars can be found per square metre, and that without taking into account the countless pintxo bars (some of them real Michelin Stars in miniature size). But, we can also find several very good restaurants that, although perhaps they haven’t been awarded any Michelin Stars, it is only because they have been kept hidden as local secrets (Check “Gastronomic Culture”, “Restaurants” , “The best pintxo bars”).


If after all this you doubt that San Sebastian's has anything to offer, why don’t you visit us and to see for yourself?