Monuments in San Sebastian

Monuments in San Sebastian



San Sebastian is above all known for La Concha beach and its delicious gastronomy. But beyond enjoying good meals and the beautiful sea, San Sebastian is also a city full of culture and art.

It was the end of the 19th century when it already started to get the attention of the European royal families and the aristocracy. That is the main reason behind so many elegant and stately buildings.

Therefore, during your holidays in San Sebastian don’t forget to visit and admire some of these special spots:

Basílica of Santa María –This is an impressive sample of the Baroque period. It is a true wonder, both in the outside as much as in the inside, where we find some really special pieces such as the carving of the Virgin of Coro, San Sebastian’s patron saint.

Church of San Vicente – This is the oldest church in San Sebastian. It was built in the 16th century over another one which had been destroyed. It is of Gothic style. It is also a treasure.

County Council of Gipuzkoa –The building occupied by the County Council is also worth a visit, mainly due to the several busts from famous fishermen from Guipuzcoa; Urdaneta, Elcano, Okendo, Lezo and Legazpi.

San Sebastian’s Town Hall – What is nowadays the Town Hall used to be San Sebastian’s Casino. It is a truly imposing building, which was designed following the great European function rooms from the 19th century.


Theatre Victoria Eugenia –This theatre, together with the Maria Cristina Hotel, makes up an elegant and stylish combination. The year 2012 celebrated the centenary of its opening, and although it was recently renovated with the latest technology, it still keeps all the charm that it had in 1912.

Kursaal Conference Centre – It is situated opposite Zurriola Beach and it is the astonishing work of the architect Rafael Moneo. Nowadays, it is considered one of the most important landmarks in San Sebastian and holds the main programme of activities of the International Film Festival.

Cathedral of Buen Pastor – Although it was built at the end of the 19th century, the design was inspired in the Gothic art. It is situated at the very heart of the city center and it well deserves a visit in spite of not being the most magnificent of all churches.

Miramar Palace – It is more a Victorian style stately home than a palace. The unbeatable location facing La Concha Bay together with the charming building and gardens make it a “must-see” place.

María Cristina Bridge – This is without doubt the most remarkable bridge in San Sebastian. It reminds us to all those bridges in North and Central Europe. It was built because it was a need more than as a decorative feature.

Victoria Eugenia Bridge – This is much more modest than the previous one and it links both sides of San Sebastian by the Libertad Avenue.

Kursaal Bridge – It separates the Kursaal Palace from the Old Town.

The charming villas located on the France Boulevard along the river.

The Art Nouveau style buildings, which can be found along Guernica’s Tree Boulevard, opposite the river.

The 31st of August Street, in the Old Town, where it is still possible to find some of the buildings, which weren’t destroyed by the fire in 1813.

The Wind’s Comb, the famous sculpture of Eduardo Chillida.