A rainy day

A rainy day in San Sebastian


San Sebastian is an outstanding place for your holidays and long weekends. There are lots of things to see and even more to do. However, as in any other city in northern Spain, good weather is not guaranteed. Even in the middle of August you may get a rainy day.

If you rented an apartment for your holidays in this marvelous city and, as soon as you get here, you find yourself with bad weather, don’t worry. San Sebastian offers many alternative plans for rainy days, there are even places especially prepared for you to enjoy this city while the weather is not optimal.


The Kursaal Cubes, an impressive piece of work by the architect Rafael Moneo, are situated in the charismatic neighbourhood of Gros, bordering the large Zurriola promenade, just opposite the sea. They house San Sebastian’s Convention Centre, an auditorium, an art gallery and a restaurant. So, we can suggest various options here, from watching the waves crashing against the Zurriola Beach while surfers try to control them, to tasting the delicious cooking of the Restaurant Ni Neu in the Kursaal. Finally, and without leaving the Kursaal Complex, you may want to visit the temporary exhibition set in the more than 5,000 square metres gallery.

On the other side of the river, as you cross the Kursaal Bridge, we enter The Boulevard and from here we gain access to the Old Town, world birthplace of the “pintxo”. Not even the rain can stop us from visiting the main and most well-known pintxo bars in “The Old Thing”, as the locals call the Old Town.

The Museo San Telmo, situated close to the Paseo Nuevo, in the Old Town at the hillside of Monte Urgull, is a former Dominican monk's convent. Nowadays, it presents on one side an original view over the Basque society, and on the other side, an always interesting temporary exhibition.

If the weather is not too bad, we would recommend walking along the Paseo Nuevo from the Museo San Telmo (possibly with an umbrella!). If you are lucky and the sea is rough, you will be able to admire the force of the waves crashing alongside the promenade. A fabulous sight to be enjoyed carefully, but you don’t want to end up very wet!

At the end of Paseo Nuevo, as we get closer to the harbour, we find the Aquarium. It is a wonderful place to be visited both by adults and children. After several revovatios, this aquarium has become one of the largest in Europe. It is even possible to walk among sharks, moray eels and all kind of sea species by strolling through a glass tunnel.

Another great place, in the middle of La Concha promenade, is La Perla spa. It provides the perfect opportunity to balance rewarding your body with some pleasure and at the same time, enjoying one of the best views over La Concha Bay. What better excuse than a rainy day for a full body massage and trip to the sauna?

San Sebastian is a cosmopolitan city and as such, we find in the city centre a wide selection of the best shops. The bad weather gives you the perfect opportunity to spend the afternoon shopping.

Besides the previously mentioned option of visiting the Aquarium, a very attractive alternative for the little ones is spending the afternoon in the Science Museum, located at the Technological Park, in Miramon. In order to get there you must take the car or a bus, as it is about 2 kilometres away from the city centre.

It is an interactive museum which presents all the information in a very interesting way, visitors learn by doing and experiencing. It also includes a Planetarium. Therefore, it is a great plan for entertaining the children while we wait for the rain to stop.

However, if in spite of the rain you and your party still want to explore the city, we suggest you take the friendly “Txu-Txu” train. It is an open-air train covered on the top which will take you to the main places in the city. The tourist bus is also an option, although it is better for good weather conditions. On those days it is possible to enjoy the view over the city from the open top of a double-decker bus.

San Sebastian, which was chosen as the European Cultural Capital for 2016, offers a wide variety of cultural activities to suit everyone’s taste, rain or shine.
We recommend you check the cultural events guide at www.donostiakultura.com

San Sebastian, a city for all weather conditions.