Zarauz and Orio

Zarauz and Orio


Zarauz (Zarautz in Basque) is a small tourist resort situated on the western coast of Gipuzkoa, just 15 kms away from San Sebastian. You can get there from San Sebastian easily by car, bus or train. If you decide to take the car, we will suggest you stop on the way in one of the nicest fishing villages on the coast: Orio, famous for sea bream, delicious fish cooked on a grill.

The first thing that gets your attention in Zarauz is the beach, well known among surfers and the longest in the whole of Gipuzkoa, more than 2.5 kms long. And of course, this is the best way to start our visit: walking along the promenade, from the Golf Club at the easternmost point, to the Palacio de Narro on the westernmost point, just on the way to Getaria. It is a wonderful beach for families as well as for surf or nature lovers.

The Old Town is situated away from the sea and it is there where we find the most interesting buildings, except for the already mentioned Palacio de Narros. For instance, Torre Luzea, Portu House, Makatza House, the Franciscan Convent and the archeological ensemble heritage Santa Maria la Real, consisting in the Bell Tower, housing Zarauz’s Art and History Museum, and the Parish Church of San Maria la Real are all around the Old Town.

So you can see that while you are on holidays in San Sebastian it is worth visiting Zarauz.