Pasajes San Juan

Pasajes San Juan


Pasajes de San Juan, or Pasai Donibane as it is known in the Basque language, is a particularly picturesque place. It only has one narrow cobbled street which crosses the whole of the village, from the remaining chimney of the old china factory to the Basilica of the Cristo de la Bonanza and the remains of the Santa Isabel Castle.


This tiny village, where the famous French writer Victor Hugo lived for a while, is full of interesting buildings: the church of San Juan Bautista, the praying chapel of La Piedad, the Palacio de Arizabalo, the Palacio Villaviciosa, Casa Miranda or the chapel of Santa Ana, so just the walk along its only street is interesting and full of culture.


But Pasajes is more than culture. Within this small village there are several high quality bars and restaurants, among which Casa Cámara, Ziaboga and Txulotxo stand out.

In other words, Pasajes de San Juan represents an outstanding excursion if you want to visit the surrounding area of San Sebastian. You can get to Pasajes by car, by bus or going from Pasajes de San Pedro on a little boat which goes across the bay regularly from first thing in the morning to late at night: Itxaszerbi