Leaving to one side the wonderful fishing atmosphere and the delicious restaurants and fish grill houses, what really stands out in this small coastal village is Mountain San Anton or the Mouse of Getaria, as it is known by everyone. It is a small mouse-shape hill located at the end of a strip of land coming out to the sea from mainland, which nowadays houses a natural park.

Getaria is just a small fishing village that in the last few years has seen increased its income thanks to the good name of its “txakoli” and tourists coming from San Sebastian and Bilbao.

It is a magical place with narrow cobbled streets going down towards the harbour. It is along these streets, or at the harbour itself that, we find excellent fish and seafood restaurants placing outside their grills in order to prepare mouth-watering sea bream or other types of fish or meat.

Going in away from the sea, on the top of a hill and as an annexed to the Palacio Aldamar, we find the Museum Balenciaga, which opened in 2011. It is an impressive museum dedicated to the very famous dressmaker. It has a permanent exhibition of dresses and accessories, and also several other showrooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions.


Museum Cristobal Balenciaga


Besides the museum it is also worth visiting in Getaria the church of San Salvador, the Gothic Houses at San Roque Street and, of course, the statue dedicated to Juan Sebastian Elcano.

And if you're lucky and made reservations, you may want to stay for lunch at Elkano, a fabulous restaurant awarded with one Michelin star.