The small and charming town of Hondarribia, called Fuenterrabia for decades, recovered its original name a few years ago. The real name means “sandford”.

Hondarribia is a popular holiday town located in the mouth of the Bidasoa River, in the Basque Coast. There are good connections with other interesting places and there is an airport and a great road network with the rest of Europe.

The Atlantique climate in this area, mild weather both in winter as in the summer, together with a wonderful beach and great hotel and sport facilities, make it very attractive for tourism. By the end of the 19th century, it was already a very popular area among tourists, which determined the type of architecture and urban style found nowadays.

For some years, several expansion and widening projects were made and a good number of villas and housing developments were built in this area. It has a population of over 16 000 inhabitants, who live all around the various and very different neighbourhoods.

There is the old town, the fishing neighbourhood and the Jaizkibel hillside, where most of the farmhouses are found. However in the summer, the population can reach up to 40 000 inhabitants, what makes it a very dynamic holiday town. There are many cultural and sport events taking place at this time of the year, and these together with the famous fiestas make Hondarribia a very attractive place for the visitors.


The economy is mainly based on its services although fishing is still a very important part in the life of Hondarribian people. The latter, together with the familiar agriculture found in the area, create a rich and varied gastronomic offer.
Hondarribia also has an important cultural and artistic heritage coming above all from its rich history, being one of the strongest garrison towns in the whole of the Basque Country. Most of the city walls remain standing and give Hondarribia a special appearance bringing back its epic past. Each corner, alley and square is filled with the smells, tastes and sounds that take us back to the old times.

The walls surround the old town situated at the top of a hill. In the inside, we are presented with narrow streets layout in a perfect grid. These cobbled streets are filled with beautiful buildings decorated with forged iron balconies and wooden carved eaves. Besides the outstanding beach, Hondarribia also offers its visitors a great Marina and in 2012 a new Auditorium opened just opposite the Hondarribi vacation apartments.

In the town centre we can find all sorts of services and shops: supermarkets, some of the best pintxo bars in the whole of the province as well as some Michelin star awarded restaurants.