Patisseries in San Sebastian




This is not only a real classic among locals but it also has probably the best cakes in the city. There are several coffee-shops/patisseries all around the city; in the Old Town (Narrica, 15), in the City Centre (San Martín, 30), in Gros (Secundino Esnaola, 2), in Amara (Sancho el Sabio, 24) and in El Antiguo (Matía, 3). We highly recommend the “pantxineta” (typical puff pastry cake with cream and almonds) as well as the Basque cake.

As the previous one, this is a classic in San Sebastian and there are several shops around the city, such as in Plaza Guipuzcoa 9, Arrasate 43 and Gran Via, in Gros. It is worth are worth mentioning that they sell homemade cakes Txintorros, prepared with top quality ingredients in a traditional way.

This is another classical shop in San Sebastian, which opened in 1949. It is situated in the Old Town, Mayor, 2. They sell all sorts of sweets, buns, cakes, sponge cakes, and of course, delicious nougat candy that is typical at Christmas.

Although this patisserie hasn’t been open in San Sebastian for as long as the others, it has become very popular in the last 20 years. It is located in Igentea 2, opposite the Town Hall and it's known as the chocolate truffle or the croissants patisserie. It is highly recommended for breakfast or afternoon tea.




LOS ITALIANOS – Aldamar, 22

Without any doubt, this is perhaps the best and most traditional parlour in the whole of San Sebastian. They have home-made ice-cream prepared with the best ingredients. We highly recommend the Amarena flavour and the “Comforter” ice-cream should not be missed.

BOULEVARD – Alameda del Boulevard, 10

It offers fabulous ice-creams in an endless amount of flavours, traditional as well as new ones, and all at very good price.


This parlour is one of the oldest in San Sebastian. As those mentioned previously, it offers a wide range of excellent home-made ice-creams.

LA GELATERÍA BOULEVARD– Alameda del Boulevard, 20

What makes it quite different from the others is without doubt the size of the ice cream scoops, and we have to rave about the wide range of flavours, sometimes up to 40 different ones, and the high quality of their product.