Fast Food & Take away

Fast Food & Take away in San Sebastian



Without taking into account the endless amount of pintxos and stuffed baguettes that we can find all over the city, and leaving out all the Italian and Oriental restaurants which offer their meals in a “take-away” form, these are some of the best fast-food establishments in the city.

VA BENE – Alameda del Boulevard, 14 and Blas de Lezo, 4

There are two burger bars and both of them are perfectly situated: one of them at the entrance of the Old Town and the other next to San Martin shopping centre. They offer unbeatable quality which has nothing to do with well-known big fast-food chains.

LA CUEVA DEL POLLO – Euskal Herria, 2 on the corner with Aldamar

This restaurant is located in the Old Town and offers a great variety of dishes, both to eat-in as well as to take-away. Their speciality is roasted chicken, paella and Spanish omelette.

AMALUR – Carquizano, 7

Like the previous one, this restaurant stands out for their excellent roasted chickens to take-away, although they also offer salads, pintxos and different side-dishes.

LA VACA - Av. de la Libertad, 40 & Andrestegi, 4

There are two of them and both offer a lively atmosphere and all sorts of dishes. It is possible to eat in or take away anything from salads, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches.