Asadores in San Sebastian


ILLARRA – Illarra Bidea, 97

A charming typical Basque farm where it is possible to enjoy an excellent traditional lunch or dinner. They offer first class products, and have their own vegetable garden. We strongly recommend the seasonal vegetables, apart of course, from the meat and fish cooked on the grill.

TXULETA – Plaza de la Trinidad, 2

This excellent restaurant is located at the very heart of the Old Town. It is managed by the well-known and experienced chef, Ander Esarte. Above all, we recommend the fish and meat cooked on the grill.

TXOKOLO – Manterola, 4

It is one of the best asadores in the city and it is located in the city centre. It enjoys a charming and welcoming atmosphere, offering a wide range of traditional dishes, salads prepared with fresh local products and, of course, fantastic chops and fish cooked on the grill.

ARRIOLA – Reyes Católicos, 9

It was opened in 1972, on a pedestrian street in the city centre. It offers fixed daily and weekend menus as well as a menu specialized in roasted piglet and young goat.